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Top Rifles For Hunting

Many of us still have the passion for hunting; the following are some of the top guns for hunting.

  1. Beanfield Sniper Remigton Sendero SF.
  2. Timber Classic Marlin 336C.
  3. Alpine Shooter Sako Finnlight.
  4. All-Purpose all star Weatherby Vanguard series 2.
  5. Penny Pincher Ruger American.
  6. First Timer Outfit H&R Handi Rifle.



Beanfield Sniper Remington Sendero SF:

The Sendero – built in such a way that you will be able to get a perfect shot even at a very long distance. The barrel is about twenty-six inches makes the velocity with which the bullet travels very high. The Sendero rifle is also cumbersome; it weighs about ten pounds. So carrying the gun for a long distance could be hard and tiring. If you are planning to go for a short hike, then you can take the Sendero with you.

Timber Classic Marlin 336C:

Timber Classic rifle strikes perfectly based on your judgment and balance. The rifle has a small magnification scope with which you can aim better. The timber classic is ideal to hunt the dark wood and has a slower recoil rate. The timber classic marlin 336C costs about six hundred and ten dollars.

Alpine Shooter Sako Finnlight:

The Alpine Shooter Sako Finnlight is said to have one of the finest rifles when it comes to accuracy and reliability. The Alpine shooter is a light weight rifle; it weighs only about 6 pounds. Usually, light weight guns are more expensive, the cost of the Alpine shooter is about 1699$. The rifle has a mild recoil rate and thus helping the shooter to aim better. The gun comes with a broad range of Calibers; some of them are 0.260 REM, 0.270 WSM, 7mm REM Mag.

All-Purpose all star Weatherby Vanguard series 2:

The Vanguard series 2 is an all rounder when it comes to price, handling, accuracy, and craftsmanship. The rifle has a three position safety and handles rough use and harsh climatic conditions. The All-Purpose all star Weatherby Vanguard series costs about Eight-hundred dollars.

Penny Pincher Ruger American:

Penny Pincher Ruger is known for its accuracy and its meager price. The rifle costs about five-hundred dollars and has a perfect barrel and bedding system. The Penny pincher also has an adjustable trigger and a weaver style scope base which makes the rifle more value than the price in the market.

First Timer Outfit H&R Handi Rifle:

The gun is specially designed for the beginners in hunting. The rifle handles in a simple manner which can be learned by any inexperienced hunter. The lever at the back of the rifle unlocks the action which pivots open on a hinge. The rifle works on a simple mechanism, and the hunter does not need to remember much while loading the gun. The triggers of the gun are pretty good, and the accuracy is quite good too. The rifle has many calibers including the 0.4 mags,0.223 rem, and 0.243 Win. The price of this gun is about three hundred dollars.

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