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What to Take for Caffeine Headache

It’s pretty hard to avoid caffeine since it is found in so many foods, we found quite difficult to leave such as coffee, tea, chocolate, ice cream etc. A large amount of caffeine consumption can lead to serious issues such as acidity, gas issues, and caffeine headaches. A caffeine headache is a common sort of a headache which affects many people. A caffeine headache begins from the eyes and usually goes up to the forehead. Its degree of pain varies from person to person, sometimes it affects mildly and sometimes it affects seriously. There are many ways to get rid of this painful and annoying condition.

What to take for caffeine headache you say? Check out these tips from a leading headache information website:


This is a very simple and plain method to get rid of a headache. Taking a nap usually does the trick. It is a comparatively better and natural way as opposed to taking painkillers or any other kinds of medicine.

Drinking Water

Drinking at least eight glasses of water during summer and six glasses of water during winter is the standard requirement for an adult. It has, however, many other benefits such as making caffeine headaches go away.


Taking painkillers such as Excedrin Tylenol, aspirin or Ibuprofen can prove to be an effective way of reducing the severity of the pain.


Taking caffeine can also reduce the pain and for some people, it is the main thing that helps them fight a caffeine headache. It is however very important to limit the intake of caffeine. The human body is very adaptable, once you start taking a smaller intake of caffeine, it is quite possible that your body will get used to this new “portion” of caffeine and you will save yourself from caffeine headaches in the future.


There are certain pressure points on your body. Going to the spa for a massage is also a nice way to cure it.

Relax Yourself

Stress, workload, and anxiety contribute more to a headache and you will note that the severity of the pain might increase becoming double or even triple times more than it was before. It is very important to relax by leaving work for a while and taking a break. Going to a nice and quiet place or going for a walk will freshen you up, help you relax and lessen the pain.


Peppermint tea is a natural and healthy way of curing this headache, it lessens the degree of pain and after a few minutes of consuming it, the headache usually disappears.

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